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Gnaw organic dark chocolate with cranberry & coconut


Økologisk mørk sjokolade med tranebær og kokos. 100 g

Ingredienser: Kakaomasse*, sukker*, kakaosmør*, tranebær* (7 %) (tranebær*, sukker*, solsikkeolje*), kokos* (5 %), vaniljepulver*. * ingredienser fra økologisk jordbruk.

Den mørke sjokoladen inneholder minst 58 % kakao.

Allergiinformasjon: Allergener er oppgitt i fet skrift. Denne baren er laget på en fabrikk som jevnlig bruker nøtter og peanøtter.




In the early 2010s, Matt and Teri ditched their adult jobs (too boring to go into here), and opened a sweet shop in the centre of sunny Norwich. The sweet business was good, but they were never truly happy with the chocolate brands they stocked. Everything felt too serious and, well, a bit dull. Polite discussions about the issue (Matt complaining at length) led to some amateur chocolatiering, a bit of swearing, failures, successes, personal growth and finally, handmade chocolate bars. Gnaw was born. And it began to sell. A short musical interlude later and the first batches had all gone from the sweet shop shelves. Other people wanted to stock it too. Stuff had got real. The big decision came to say goodbye to the shop and leap at chocolate full-time. Matt and Teri moved the small-scale production into slightly larger-scale premises (these had exciting things like roller-doors for deliveries, and some serious shelving). A small Rocky-esque montage later and things have skipped forward. The team has expanded and so has the building they’re in. And Gnaw has grown from a few Norfolk stockists to shops around the world (stocked on three continents)... All thanks to you lovely chocolate fans :)

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